''Pokemon, magical biengs that were meant to co-habitat with the humans. But while most respect this belief, others try to use thier power for thier own malevolent desires. Now, a new and dark desire is about to set forth,Awakening a pokemon frgotten by time. A group of kids must band together to fulfil thier destiny.

This is a new region called "Anamaria". This contains pokemon from Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,& Sinnoh. There are also special parts f the region to get the starters.





I'll explain the rest as the story progresses. And guys, if you are going to edit this please pertain to the story.


I'll tell you after the first chapter


Main ProtagonistsEdit


Actor Guardian Age Occupation
Jake Welsh Dylan Sprouse Monferno 13 Trainer
Sara Jasmine Anasophia Rob Evee 13 Coordinator



Name Actor Guardian Age Occupation
14 Trainer


Episode 1: The Day the Comet PassedEdit

( The setting is Lunin Town, Anamaria Region. You see a 13 yr. old boy standing infront of his house. He has short blonde hair,green eyes,& tannish-white school. He's wearing a burnt red shirt with the logo "trainer boy" on it & a navy ble jacket. He also wears denim pants with black "Nike" shoes. He also has a ble poketch.)

Jake: I wonder what I should do next?

Ms. Welsh: Jake! Let's go!

( Ms. Welsh has long blonde hair,Ble eyes,White skin. She's wearing a tucked in white blouse with a long skirt.)

Jake: O.K mom.

( My mom's forcing me to go to this Ball in Florina City. I'd fight her off, but then I thought It'd be a perfect chance to knock those snobs off their high horse. That may sound alittle mean, but a lot of big cities pick on my home town "Lunimaria Town". So I'm feeling a little bengeful.)

Ms. Welsh: We're only a few miles away. We'll stay in a hotel.

Jake: Got it. I can't wait.

(You picture them driving over to Florina City. Then into the building. It's so giant and covered in lights, cluttered with people in sits and dresses. At this time Jake's in a suit also. They get out of the car.)

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